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Hiring a trained professional

Pressure Washing Katy and surrounding areas

There are many projects we “can” do ourselves,  but should we?

Depends on the project, your actual abilities and the risk of performing the task yourself.

Almost every homeowner owns a pressure washer, you can find a homeowner quality pressure washer at almost any home supply outlet. But many are not trained on the safety precautions that need to be made when operating this type of machinery.

Often times you will find people with this type of equipment trying to lure you into hiring them to clean the exteriors of your home, the brick, siding, driveway, porches, decks, fences and patios offering an unbeatable price.

Now some things that you should consider when approached by one of these “companies”.

First. Are they insured to protect you and your property?

Second. Do they have the proper equipment to perform the best service possible?

Third. Were they properly trained for each of the…

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Accountability Pressure Washing

Pressure washing Thumbtack spotlight

We made thumbtacks spotlight for ecxellent service! Looking for an insured professional to help with pressure washing needs after a construction project, or does your home or business front need some tlc? Are you tracking mold and algae into your home from your driveway and sidewalks? HOA bothering you? Let us help make your property more visually appealing while removing potential health hazards in the process.
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Accountability Pressure Washing

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Accountability Pressure Washing




Hello,  we here are all new at blogging and I believe it should be a place to gain knowledge, criticism,  encouragement and improve our overall business goals. We will share related information to the services we provide, the methods we use and the reasons the services should be performed.  I hope together we can learn something new we didn’t know yesterday.

Cleaning Concrete in your Backyard

A great reminder of spring, we will soon be spending more time outdoors and will most likely have guests, it’s time to maintain your exterior entertainment space.

Renew Crew, Outdoor Surface Cleaning

For many homeowners, concrete pavers or stamped concrete is a great option for building a patio, walkway or driveway. It’s easy to work with, stands up well to the outdoor elements and can be designed in many ways.

Stamped concrete is a major player in the outdoor living design world. If you’re unfamiliar with this technique, it is when concrete is poured and then stamped to look like another product. Often times it is stamped to look like stone or brick. Color can also be added to the concrete to add visual interest and to make it look even more like the stamped pattern.

02-08-2013-Pic01The downside of using concrete is that is extremely porous when it isn’t properly sealed. Water, dirt and dust can seep into the surface and cause issues. Water, for instance, can make its way into the concrete and then freeze when temperatures drop. When the water freezes…

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Cleaning Concrete in your Backyard can bring back the beautiful patios you’ve long forgot –

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